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Convenient Family Shelf GHC-114

2,800,000 VNĐ



This shelf is a convenient multi-functional item that could be used in various places at your home for a better-organized working space. If you want to find a decorative accessories for your family, this Convenient Family Shelf GHC-114 is made for you.

Details of Convenient Family Shelf GHC-114

Product Code: GHC-114

Material(s): PB plywood, electrostatic paint-sprayed steel

Dimension(s) (L x W x H): 600 x 400 x 1670mm

Color(s): Wood, white

Delivery in 7 days


  • Convenient Family Shelf GHC-114 is a prefabricated product, therefore, alterations made on size, color or any details are inapplicable.
  • Convenient Family Shelf GHC-114‘s price is posted and will not be discounted.
  • Free delivery in less than 10km radius.


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